[Update] Here's why Mailchimp is no longer in the Shopify App Store

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We know that not having Mailchimp in the Shopify App Store is a big change for many of you. We’re updating this post to clarify some of the most frequently asked questions around this change.

Why did this happen?

We recently updated our policy for app partners to make sure you have up-to-date, accurate customer data for your business. One of the changes is that if an app collects certain customer data relevant to your business through a Shopify channel (like your Shopify store or POS), it now has to sync this information back to your Shopify admin. That way, even if you use multiple apps, your customer data in Shopify is accurate. You also won’t have to worry about manually syncing this information back and forth between your apps and Shopify. This is important because it helps you respect your customer’s settings and it’s also necessary to help you comply with anti-spam regulations. Mailchimp refused to comply with this policy, which is why they are no longer in the Shopify App Store.


Why does this policy change matter to my business?


Here’s an email-specific example of why having one source of truth about your customers is so important to your business. If one of your customers unsubscribes from promotional messages in an email sent from Mailchimp, you need that information in Shopify to make sure your other apps don’t email that customer again. You can’t do that with Mailchimp because they won’t sync this customer data back to your store. This is crucial because in some parts of the world, it’s illegal to ignore unsubscribe requests. On top of that, you could damage your relationship with your customers if you continue to send them emails after they’ve unsubscribed.


I currently use Mailchimp. What do I need to do next?


We recommend choosing a new email marketing app that syncs your customer data back to your Shopify admin to ensure you can manage your marketing efforts from one place, no matter how many apps you use.

We've created a guide which includes a list of recommended apps to help you get started, and you can always contact support for one-on-one guidance.


I use a private app on my store. Does this change impact me?


The new terms don’t apply to private apps that were custom-built for your store. If you use a private marketing app, it’s up to you to make sure you’re managing your customer data in a way that is compliant with relevant anti-spam and privacy laws.

Original post from 03-22-2019

Effective today, the Mailchimp app is no longer available in the Shopify App Store. There are no immediate changes for merchants currently using Mailchimp, and we offer many other incredible email marketing apps.


We always want to be transparent with our merchants, so here’s what happened with Mailchimp.

Over the past 18 months, Shopify has had growing concerns about Mailchimp’s app because of the poor merchant experience and their refusal to respect our Partner Program Agreement. Our terms require app partners to share all important data back to the merchant using Shopify’s API to help them run their businesses.


It’s critical for our merchants to have accurate, complete insight into their businesses and customers, and this isn’t possible when Mailchimp locks in their data. Specifically, Mailchimp refuses to synchronize customer information captured on merchants’ online stores and email opt-out preferences. As a result, our merchants, other apps, and partner ecosystem can’t reliably serve their customers or comply with privacy legislation.


We will never put our merchants’ trust on the line like that. The data captured on behalf of our merchants belongs to those merchants, it’s as simple as that. Mailchimp was not willing to agree to these terms. That’s why Mailchimp has been removed from the Shopify App Store.


Our app store is a carefully curated space with an incredibly high standard of quality, designed to provide the most value possible to our merchants. We will always preserve this, and we won't shy away from making tough decisions to do so. The vast majority of our partners respect that standard, and are great contributors to making commerce better for everyone.


We’re here to help you find the apps that best suit your needs and goals. Get in touch with us any time for more support or to answer questions about your store and the apps you use.


Thanks for reading.

TyW | Online Community Manager @ Shopify 
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Sendlane has a deep data integration with Shopify and we will gladly work with any customers who have been affected by this...let's keep the customer top of mind!

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Why not build/buy your own ESP? 

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Omnisend has deep integration with Shopify and it is one of the top app under email marketing category. Definitely, it can be a good alternative for Mailchimp.

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Can someone recommend an app that will automatically add emails to my Mailchimp list that I collect from shopify online and shopify POS?


That's really all I need. I don't need cool pop-ups and marketing strategies from a third party app and I don't want to manually be adding emails. 

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If you are larger merchant, we recommend Hubspot. 

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Since you copied my homework, why do you price on number of sends as opposed to being profile centric with your "standard plan"? And just curious, do you own your own delivery?

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ActiveCampaign has a Shopify Integration:



We're comparable to MailChimp: https://www.emaildrips.com/activecampaign-vs-mailchimp/


If you'd like to see the solution in action or discuss making a switch let me know: csaunders@activecampaign.com

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The only time an all in one solution works is when we are talking Club Sandwich or TrailMix...if you're looking for cross channel marketing automation, look no further: sendlane.com

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I'm hungry for some solid marketing automation. How would you say Sendlane works for that, @NSparks ?