Update products pricing via Spreadsheet uploads

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I am shocked that I have to pay $50.00 a month for an App that will allow me to update pricing in my shop via uploads...

Come on Shopify.... This is a simple function that should be included in the monthlly fee. 

I need to update pricing often.  I should be able to update by using variant barcodes and my price in the upload. 


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hey Chris!

for updating prices often via spreadsheets, you might enjoy this Google Sheets tool, created by friends of ours:


hope this helps,


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the description on the main page of the CIFL google sheet makes it sound simple. 


I tried, but once I created a partner account at shopify (I already have a store that's not online yet) had no guidance from CIFL on how to proceed.

Apparently there is a terminal window I need to get to, there are redirects to enter, and other mysterious elements NOT explained whatsoever by the CIFL (coding is for losers) boss who narrates the youtube video you've linked to.

It's all greek to me.

Does anyone have a link to somewhere this process is explained for dummies?

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Have you guys tried the product import CSV tool before? It might do what you need.




If not, let me know.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, we upload our products via the CSV
import function.

I was looking for something that would call/get the prices from an external
web-based spreadsheet in real time. At our existing non-shopify site we
sell to customers in a variety of countries, but each on a
direct-to-customer (or retailer) basis, after providing a dimensioned
drawing and quote for the 'custom' address numbers they are interested in.

In that case, our multiple suppliers who work in different currencies have
prices that are known at the time of quoting, and we're never off by more
than a few cents here and there.

With a retail product listing (like in a Shopify store), the ups and downs
of our supply chain would be easier to manage if the product price list was
updated every AM, or even dare I say once a month. Some of our products
change, others do not, so it's a question of convenience.

For now I can survive uploading CSVs, but it's rather primitive. On the
other hand, I don't have the skillset to manage more complicated "get"
requests (or whatever they are).
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I gotcha. That makes a lot of sense. You definitely have a unique use case.


So, just to recap (hypothetically & ideally):


1) You have a google doc with 2 columns: product ID & product price (maybe repeating for variants)

2) You install an app, it has an input field where you link your google doc URL

3) You configure it to "update" every morning at 6:00 AM (frequency and time is selectable)

4) The app reads the spreadsheet product ID and updates the price accordingly (and perhaps variants too) on the selected timeslot

Does that sound like what you are looking for?

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Nicely put!
Yes, that is what I would see happening.
I looked briefly at Excelify.io but their min'm pkg was a monthly $20 or
$25. Their product may in fact do this, (I don't know) but as our shopify
site will be more of a startup at the beginning, we're trying to keep
monthly overhead down, so I'd sooner pay a coder $100 once than lock myself
into a subscription.

Another instance of where this might have come up before are perhaps "short
term discount or sale" kind of apps. Perhaps if I redefine how I describe
the operation there is someone out there with an app.

But again, if it's a locked in subscription, we're not actually changing a
lot of our prices that often -- what happens more often is a different
supplier is subbed in for a regular product, and the supply chain suddenly
includes either a direct route from Asia to Europe or a USA or Canada to
Europe, and for those we've got to figure in EU import particulars for the
source country. When I'm quoting direct to the customer per job, that's
figureable, but I'm wanting us to get away from quoting every job, and to
have some items that just get slapped on the counter and paid for
(figuratively speaking, of course).
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I got a little lost in your description at the end.

If your objective is to programmatically schedule updates to products via a spreadsheet, it will most certainly need to be an app. You can choose to enlist a programmer to build you a private app. However, there would still be some recurring costs associated with operating the app, as it needs to move protected data regularly, this service would need to be healthy and operational. It's not something that can escape the necessity of a server (it won't work as a one-off script).

I like looking through these forums and seeing what kind of apps I can devise. I could build what I described for you above, but it would only be worth my time if I could package it as a public application and offer to other users. I'd consider putting it together and pricing it around $7/month or so. Something really inexpensive. Feel free to shoot me an email: ilia.reingold@gmail.com