Upload app for photos most importantly multiple photos or folders of photos

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I have a photo editing, slideshow creation store and I need ppl to be able to send me their digital photos. I  am using uploadery for this, but the uploads have to have one spot for one photo. I need ppl to be able to send an entire folder or group of photos at once. I can do slideshow videos with up to 90 photos but they only allow for 50 photos to be uploaded for any one product. I think the service was designed more for a logo to be imprinted on a shirt or something like that, not what I'm doing. They do have larger tiers but it just allows for more information per upload, which is pointless since photos will never be bigger than the smaller tier, which is 100 MB. 


Uploadery said they did not think there was an app that accomplished what I want, but I wanted to check with you guys to see if anyone knows of one.  Thank you for your help!