Upsell Apps- The more you add, the more you save.

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Does anybody know of an APP that will let the customer save more as they add each item to the cart. For example, add ring to cart a pop up comes on and offers you $1.00 off if you add a necklace. Now you have a ring and necklace in your cart. After adding the necklace a pop up for earrings pops up, and it offers $2 dollars off. Each time you add an item to the cart it will let you save more. Do I make sense?


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You are talking about upsell with discount. Our app is what you need. A customer buys one item and she can get a discount if she buys another item. Upsell and cross-sell strategy is important in marketing activities. Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool will help you.

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Hey S_E_ I think based on what you're asking you could set up a cross sell.


So you can set a collection, like rings, and then when the customer adds a ring to the cart they will get a pop up that says, "Do you want to add x product for a dollar?". Then they can click add to cart on that pop up.


You could then apply this same flow to different collections.


If that's what your looking for I actually work at Bold and we have a Up sell/ Cross sell app that would do just that. You can find that here:


There is a free trial so you can give it a shot. If you have any questions just let me know!

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