Upsell apps that support personalisation

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Hi all! Can anyone recommend an upsell apps that supports personalisation?


So say I'm selling a personalised baby name/birth print, and would like to offer the customer the option to buy another at half price when the product is added to the cart. I would need the field where the customer enters the baby's name to be visible in the upsell popup. 


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi @rainandpaper ,


You would be using a metafield for the baby name right? And the upsell product should also have this field prefilled correct? So when the item is added the shopper doesn't need to fill anything out. 50/50 you may find something in the app store but what are the chances it prefills metafields for the upsell. Give this post some time perhaps a Shopify staff member can recommend something. If all else fails we can certainly help, 





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I had the same issue a few months ago, I am selling POD products and want to set up upsell where the customer can also customize there upsell app.

Then I get in touch with Cartroids,

They schedule a call with me and set up the upsell on my store with me on the call and that helped a lot.

I do recommend you to get in touch with them and schedule a call. hope you get your solution :)

Cartroids -

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