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Hi everyone!


I recently changed supplier for a product which resulted in needing to reformat my product page and the variants on it. I first had 1 variant which people could order multiple times. When 1 was added to their cart, there would be a popup asking them if they would profit from a 2+1 free offer. I could easily do this with an app like 'discounted upsells'


Because of the change of supplier, I now have 3 variants (so I can easily place orders with the supplier for the right prices): 1 piece, 2 pieces & 2+1 free pieces. 


I'd like to give customers who add the 1 piece variant to their cart a same sort off pop up asking them if they want the 2+1 offer. But I can't seem to make upsell popups based on variants with the discounted upsells app.  Neither can I find a way to go around this. 


Does anyone know a workaround for this, or an app that can upsell other variants, based on a particular variant a customer has selected and added to their cart? (the popup obviously doesn't need to be shown when customers already select the 2+1 offer variant)


Also, when the 2+1 offer is selected through the pop up, the original chosen variant, cannot be added to the cart as well, as that would cause confusion. 


If anyone can help me out, I'd be forever grateful!







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App Selly has an up-sell feature and you can select variants in its setting: 

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Try Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool, you will find the features that you are requiring in an Upsell application.

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Hi @TimoPF,

Maybe you can check this app: 

 Below are the features that may help you.

  1. Create offer


2.Customize pop up


3.Also, you can create a promo code and bundle of products.

Hope this helps!

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