Using Amazon as a Dropshipper

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I am using Amazon as a drop shipper for my store Using the Spreadr app. I do not sell my own products and will slowly transition to selling my own or working with other retailers directly.

However, for now, when a customer wants to buy a product directly from my site, they cannot. To make a purchase, they are being routed to a button that says "View on Amazon" which takes them to the Amazon site and is confusing because there is a purchase button on our side, and they are routed to having to click a button that says, "view on Amazon," which is odd. They can buy the product from Amazon but not us, even though we pay for an affiliation. I have no way of tracking the sales, cannot give discounts and from and the end-user experience is confusing. SEE SCREENSHOT IMAGE BELOW. 

To eliminate the View on Amazon button, I was told to use the FBA Shipping app that will allow the sales to go directly to Amazon. I set up the FBA app and the Amazon Seller Central and the sales were not flowing through to Amazon. So I was entering the sales directly into the Amazon site. I reached out to support at Spreader and I was told that I cannot use the FBA app and that not having the View on Amazon button was a violation of the Affiliates agreement.  So I added the button back.

Is there anyone else that is experiencing the same issue or knows how to set this up so the sale will go from Shopify directly to Amazon without violating the Affiliate agreement and us more control and line of sight into sales?

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Screenshot below...cannot click 'buy" have to click, "View on Amazon"-- had i known this, i would have never started this venture and spent all the money i have to get this off the ground. Has to be an app we can use that links the sale directly to my site. 



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Hi @petropy 

You are actually not using Amazon as a drop shipper. Amazon does not allow this (they will be quick to disable your accounts if they even catch you saying that you are using them as a drop-ship supplier).

What you are actually doing is just advertising for Amazon as an affiliate and receiving affiliate commission on the sales made from the ads you place on your site (even though the app allows you to set them up like actual 'products' on your site, they are, in fact, just ads).

The best place to track the traffic and sales revenue you are generating is on the Amazon Associates portal at

I'm sorry I couldn't provide the answer you were looking for. It's just how Amazon works unfortunately.