Using Integromat for fulfillment

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I'm attempting to use Integromat to mass-fulfill orders.  We fulfill and ship orders ourselves.  Although it is actually working, I'm encountering two issues:


1) We use a parcel carrier not listed in Shopify. So, I need to enter "Other" as the carrier, and provide a tracking URL. However, when the scenario is run, this data is not entered into Shopify - the carrier is selected as "None" and hence the tracking URL is ignored.


2) The "Cancel Fulfillment" option in the "More" menu against the order is not available when fulfilled using this method.


I've raised this with Integromat support, who assure me that it's a Shopify issue.  The JSON sent from Integromat to Shopify is as follows:


        "order_id": 1957930762274,
        "location_id": 3611230242,
        "tracking_url": "",
        "notify_customer": false,
        "shipment_status": "confirmed",
        "tracking_number": "41546980001472",
        "tracking_company": "other",
        "tracking_company_name": "DHL Parcels UK",
        "variant_inventory_management": "shopify"
This will be a major time-saver for us, so any help would be most welcome.
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I'm having the same problem but with a different app. It is definitely a Shopify problem.


The issue is that Shopify pattern matches "DHL Parcel UK" (note it should not have an 's') and then changes the tracking link from: