Using Live Video to Sell Products from Your Shopify Shop

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LivePitch is a Shopify Partner based in New York City that is pioneering live video e-commerce. We wanted to post here  because we have created a new platform that allows Shopify sellers such as yourself to sell items directly by streaming short live videos. Buyers will be able to watch videos and purchase simultaneously, creating a mobile QVC-like experience.

Needless to say, modern day consumers want experiences, not just static images and web shops. Live video is able to deliver a powerfully engaging experience that can allow your customers to interact with you and immerse into a virtual storefront. 

Live streaming is a sales channel that has proven to be extremely powerful. Taobao, China’s largest mobile marketplace has generated $15 billion of sales through live streaming and is growing at 400% per year. Other e-commerce players in Asia have witnessed sales conversions of 20%+ and sales increases of almost 130 times through live streaming. We are genuinely excited to bring this tool live for you and others.

Our platform will go live in the first quarter of 2020 and we will request to list on Shopify's App Store. Please sign up to our waitlist and become an early access member of our exciting platform. 


P.S. If these types of posts are not allowed here, We will delete it right away. Just wanted to see if anyone would find our platform helpful to grow their business. Thanks!


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Shopify Partner
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