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Hey Shopify community!

I have a single unique product in my store that I would love some help with. The kit ( comes in 7 different finishes and 7 different zipper colour options. Each different finish option has its own inventory. The zippers also have their own inventory, as they are also their own separate product in our store (

Currently, the way that it functions from the user end is great - the customer can choose the finish colour and the zipper colour they want for the kit and that all gets input as a single item in their cart for a single price.

However, in order to do this, we had to create 49 different variant options for every single combination possible between the finishes and zippers. And, because of this, we needed to add individual inventory for each exact option. This is frustrating as if we had 100 units of the gold finish (as an example), we would have to break it up and add inventory to all of the different gold finish + zipper colour variants. Furthermore, that inventory would not connect with the zipper inventory at all. 

I looked at some product variant apps, but I couldn't find any that would use a separate product as options (ie use the zipper colours as custom options). I then thought of an add-on product, however, we need the customer to choose a zipper before the item gets added to the cart as it is part of the kit. I also thought of creating a product bundle, but many of the bundle apps I saw don't function in the same way that we would like this to work.

Does anyone have any tips on how we could keep the zipper kit product with the 7 variant colour finishes but then add on a zipper colour that pulls from the inventory of the zipper product? Or, alternatively, any apps that have this functionality?

Thanks for your help!

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Seems like you are looking for inventory management so you don't have to split your stock across all your variants. The easiest way to achieve this is bundles as you already mentioned. You can create a kit for each variant and have the same component for multiples ones so that quantity available is calculated correctly. We have a solution for this with our bundling app if you would like to test it out.

When an order comes through for one of these variants we actually split the order lines to the individual components so your inventory stays correct and can fulfil as per normal.

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