Variant specific bundle discount app needed

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We are looking for an Shopify App which can help me with the following:

  • For specific variants (not all) of specific products (not all) offer a fixed price if bundled together
  • One needs to be able to buy several bundles not limited to buying 1 bundle
  • Remark: the variants can all have different prices



Let say we have products X, Y and Z.

Each product has its own variant: X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1 and Z2.

The pricing of the variants all differ: X1 = 20euro, X2 = 30 euro, Y1 =  15 euro, Y2 = 20 euro, Z1 = 17 euro, Z2 = 30 euro

If products X1, Y1, Y1 are bought together the new price needs to be: 50 euro's instead of 20+15+15 = 70 euros

If products X1, Y1, Z1 are bought together the new price needs to be: 55 euro's instead of 20+15+17 = 72 euros



Can anyone help me? We already tried several apps, all having its limitations like:

  • No fixed bundle price offering
  • No option for variant specific bundling
  • No option for different variant pricing if bundled together.


Thanks in advance,