Variants, shared inventory and dynamic product pricing

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I run an engraving business and engrave designs on cutting boards.  I have approximately 100 designs.  Each product (design) has 21 variants  (each variant is a different size/style that should be individually tracked) - and the whole set of 21 variants are the same for each product -  So that give me 100 products which all share the exact same inventory - which means that my inventory can never be correct (sigh).  There's GOT to be a better way.

What I would like...

Make each design a product.  When a customer selects a design, it pulls up a list of variants (shared inventory) that show the prices of each variant.  When a customer chooses the design and the variant, the product is priced accordingly, a corresponding bundle with an appropriate price (the price of the cutting board...) is placed in the cart - and the SKU for each product (the design and the variant) is on the order - thus making it simple to make sure that I'm matching the right design with the right product when fulfilling the order.

This seems like a bundling problem, but it's both a bundling and inventory problem.   The designs will have a price of $0.00 (or show the LOWEST price of the variants) and the bundle price will be that of the Design (0.00) and the cutting board (39.00 - 200.00).  I need to be able to manage inventory in 1 single place - and not have to manually change a bundle price every time a cutting board price changes.

Hope this makes sense.

TIA Gary


Hi @grumblin,

I believe Bundle Kit solves such bundling and inventory problem.

Consider the case where you have a product called 'Cutting board' with variants such as 'Size A', 'Size B' etc. which tracks the inventory of cutting boards of different sizes.

With Bundle Kit, you can create a bundle product called 'Design engraved cutting board' with variants such as 'Design 1 - Size A', 'Design 1 - Size B', 'Design 2 - Size A', 'Design 2 - Size B' etc., each specifying 'Cutting board - Size A/B/C/etc.' and 'Design 1/2/3/etc.' product variants as the bundle items. 

When a bundle variant is ordered, Bundle Kit will automatically decrease the inventories of the underlying bundled items (e.g. 'Size A cutting board' and 'Design 1').

Additionally, Bundle Kit will list out the individual bundled item SKUs as separate line items in the bundle order for your ease of fulfillment.

Bundle Kit automatically sets the bundle price based on the prices of the underlying bundled items, hence you would not need to "manually change a bundle price every time a cutting board price changes".

You can try the app for free at:

Hope this helps!


Bundle Kit enables businesses to easily build product kits, sync inventory of bundle and bundled products sold, and fulfill bundle orders.