We built a stock out watchdog for Shopify stores — StockHound 🐶 It's free and open for everyone ✨

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Hello amazing people ,

We have been working on a side project for a while and since we had great support from the Shopify community, we wanted to use our expertise for giving back to the community

We built a stockout watchdog for your Shopify Store that forecasts the stockout date of each product and sends you the list of products which are about to run out of stock. You can find out more and install it from here: getstockhound.com 

We know that stock outs that go unnoticed can severely hurt the cash flow of a store and this is a repeating pattern in most of the high growth Shopify businesses. That’s why we built StockHound as a simple and yet useful solution for anyone who wants to get a good sleep without worrying about inventory levels.










Why did we decide to build StockHound ?

We have been developing solutions in the supply chain domain for the last 4 years at Fabrikatör. After publishing our Shopify App “Virtual Inventory Assistant”, we had the privilege of working with amazing direct-to-consumer brands. The idea of building StockHound came after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from our users about the daily inventory insights we send them regularly.

These emails were simple, easily digestible but yet very effective. It takes out the daily stress of “what if we run out of stock?” so they can focus on other tasks to grow their businesses.

We simply extracted these forecasting and reporting features from our main product and packed it as StockHound — a free to use stockout watchdog for high growth Shopify stores.

How to use it?
First, you need to install the app on your store.  For this project we didn’t publish a new app to keep it simple. We simply created a separate signup flow for our existing app, don't be surprised with the app name. 

  1. Go to our website, type your myshopify.com URL and install the app

  2. Set your email notification preferences (frequency and forecasting range)

  3. Hit save and start receiving the email reports including the stockout forecasts

Why is it FREE? What’s the catch?

We have met with so many stores with high growth potential got slowed down due to having limited visibility about their inventory. We decided to make this app free to support growing stores in their early days and build a meaningful relationship to learn from each other. 

In our entrepreneurial journey, we received amazing help from other entrepreneurs and now it is our time to give back to the community. This is our little token of appreciation. If you are interested in more advanced features in supply planning, we are more than happy to help you on a professional basis. 

We are looking forward to hear your thoughts and feedback on StockHound