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Hello Community,


we are currently using the app "Store Pickup + Delivery" which works good for us.
Our customer (bakery) want some products only available in specific stores for pickup and only on some days a week.
They also want different prices for every weekend (MO: Prod. A for 10€ and SA - SU: Prod. A for 8€). 

We can't do this with the "Store Pick up App" is there another app we can buy to provide the things above? (I tried the search function, but im relatively new to shopify and english isn't my native language so sorry for that) 


One last thing for the Store Pickup App:

The customer wants a cutoff time after 4pm, so far so good.
Also every order placed after 4pm should have the pickup time defaulted to 7 am of the following day. Is this possible? Since you can't choose a time for next day pickup you can only add hours till the next day starts but this won't work because if you order at 5pm the added time is more.. so your pick up time would be 8 o'clock instead of 7 o'clock.