Web push notifications - thoughts?

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Hi all! I wanted to be able to send push notifications to my customers without having a native cellphone app, so I found a Shopify app to do this. My question is, is the pop-up annoying to you? I personally hate pop-ups of any kind but this is the only other way to provide push notifications. Should I remove the explainer dialogue and just have the system permission show up? Do you think push notifications are unnecessary altogether? I think it will be a good way to get holiday promotions or flash deals right in front of the customer.

I have it set to show after 10 seconds.
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This is an accepted solution.

Nevermind, decided not to use them.

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Hi @TipsyHues! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I see you've already decided not to push through with the push notifications feature, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that I think you should still consider it!

In the competitive world of e-commerce, you have to tap into the resources you have to improve traffic to your site as well as acquire sales, and push notifications are a good way to do this. While I get you're worried about it being invasive, you'll never know what effects it can have if you don't test it out. Maybe your target audience don't mind and would actually consider clicking on the notification. It's all in setting up the right call-to-action content for it to remove the invasive aspect.


We expound on this more with an article from our blog: Driving more sales with push notifications


Hope the article helps!

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They are super-important for user engagement. Especially for brands that have a certain audience. If you want to check how to leverage them, check this out:



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Hi Michelle,

I agree with other answers that web push notifications are good way to engage shop visitors to come back and buy from you. Just imagine the time they have abandoned the cart, containing some of their favorite products and forgot about it!


But I agree that the pop-up may be annoying EXACTLY when it is not the right time for me as a visitor to have to stop and act on that! I'm just surfing the shop and I'm not sure that I like the shop products.


But I've found a smart web push notification service that is concentrating on finding the RIGHT TIME to show the pop-up to the visitor. It delays the pop-up until the visitor show interest in the shop products. For example, when the visitor sees a product page that the product is not in stock, a simple and clean alert is shown to s/he and ask him/her to subscribe and get notified when the product or some similar products are available.

It is BestPush - Smart push notifications, https://apps.shopify.com/bestpush


The conversion rate of who has seen the pop-up to subscribed visitors is higher than other tools because it won't annoy everybody! It filters out those who are not in a good time to see the allowance!


you should check it out!