What Are Some Of the Worst Shopify Apps?

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Hello Everyone,

I'm a software developer, and I've recently started to dip my toes into developing Shopify apps. Since the best teacher is experience, I've been trying to come up with an idea for app I could build—ideally one the community can benefit from, rather than some generic "Hello, World" app. My first thought was to go to the Shopify app store and look for the lowest ranked apps that didn't have any great alternatives as a way of finding underserved markets I could build a better solution for. Unfortunately, you can't seem to sort apps by ranking. So I thought I would bring the question to everyone here.


Are there any apps out there that you have tried that don't solve the problems you wanted them to solve? Or, if you have suggestions for an app you would like to see built, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.

Hi Channa,

Great question!

There are over 300 apps with average rating below 3, but I guess you are not interested in those that have just one or two reviews. Looking at apps with over 100 reviews the top 5 with lowest rating are:

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I'm a software engineer. I make things happen automatically.

Another interesting take might be to look at apps with most polarizing reviews. I mean apps that with many positive reviews, but also many negative reviews.

For example, considering apps with more than 100 reviews the ones with highest standard deviation in rating are:

If you'd want to filter and sort Shopify apps in your own way, then I prepared this dataset: https://gum.co/shopify-app-store-dataset


I'm a software engineer. I make things happen automatically.