What Instagram Feed Is this?

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Given IG disabled their feed on Shopify storefronts, we have been looking for various free and paid apps to use as substitute. We came across this website using something we like very much but have no idea what app that is, or if, indeed it is a homegrown coding option on their end. You can see what we are talking about if you scroll towards the bottom of this web page: https://firusas.com/ 

At any rate, if any one out there can figure out what app this is, please let us know. Or, if you know of an app that would be very similar to this one, let us know as well. What we like is the minimalist look, the direct access to the IG account when clicking a post, as well as the look on mobile with the slider. 

Thank you much in advance!


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Hi there,

That store https://firusas.com/ is not a Shopify store so it won't use a Shopify app.

Some of my clients such as The Grey Store use a free app called Section Feed by Maestrooo (link).

It is easy to set up and use but the only issue we have found is that if the Insta post is a video, it displays an empty white box on the homepage instead.

I hope this helped?

Best regards,

Asa @ Appifiny

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