What Made You Build your App?

Today is a great day for the Intuitive Shipping team. Our second app, Automate Shipping Profiles, is being featured in the Shopify app store this week! We also got Beechwood Donuts to celebrate (if you're ever in Niagara- you NEED to get them!). 

I frequently see developers post in the community asking what app merchants need and how do they know if an idea is worth building out. Since the entire idea behind Automate Shipping Profiles was my co-founder/CTO, Joel Reeds, I asked him this morning how he came up with Automate Shipping Profiles and how he knew it would solve a gap, 5 months before profiles was released.

When Shopify Shipping Profiles was first announced I was immediately intrigued. Shipping Profiles offers a very basic form of our shipping scenarios functionality within our flagship app Intuitive Shipping. As I was comparing features, it occurred to me that one of the main reasons our users love Intuitive Shipping is the ability to know that products are correctly assigned to scenarios with no intervention required. This was the first inspiration for Automate Shipping Profiles, our second app launched for Shopify.

Automate Shipping Profiles allows you to build a set of profile conditions that must be satisfied. If the profile conditions are met, the product is assigned to the corresponding shipping profile. What's even better, is that our system actively monitors changes to your products and collections, and will re-assign products to profiles on the fly with no additional work required from the user. Our goal is to give merchants their most valuable resource back, time!"



We're on a never-ending mission to give merchants the tools to control their customer’s shipping journey, so I can see why Joel's brain went here so quickly.


Shopify Partners, what made you build your app? How did you know it would be a success? What keeps you going? I would love to hear your 'why'! 


Co-Founder / CEO @ Intuitive Shipping
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