What app controls comments on a product page

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I apologize in advance for my ignorance :) but the guy who ran our Shopify store quit. I'm learning it, but I cannot figure out how to manage comments on any of the products pages.  Here's what the comments section on a page looks like:comments section on product pagecomments section on product page

I know the Reviews are handled by Growave, but I cannot figure out what handles the product comments section. Here is a list of the apps we have on that store:


apps that are installedapps that are installed

Any ideas on how I can get to a place where I can manage the comments? I'd like to be able to make it where I can review them before publishing them.  Thanks!

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As per your concern, Comments are also handled by our all-in-one marketing platform. You can easily reply to them and find it here on the admin panelcomments.png

Also, you can get notifications about new comments and remove comments you don't want to show on your website here

comments settings.png


Feel free to reach out our support team at support@growave.io and we will definitely assist you with your concerns :)

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