What are the best apps for multicurrency and multilanguage stores?

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Hi! I have a  multi-vendor marketplace store based in México. We sell different kinds of items from mexican culture, including some alcohol such as tequila and mezcal. 
Because of regulations we can not ship alcohol from Mexico to US at the moment. Currently we sell in Mexico but we want to expand to US as well. 
We want to achieve the following: 
-Have multi-language store (spanish and english---that the language change automatically when someone from the US access the website. 
-Have multicurrency (have the option of Mexican Pesos or USD) is this possible since my store is based in Mexico?  We use Paypal and MercadoPago for the moment. 
-Restrict alcohol purchases from US clients but not Mexican ones. 
-We use the app Multivendor Marketplace app 

What sort of apps I can use to achieve this? Or any other tips/solutions to achieve this? 


We’re from the Transcy App - translation & currency converter solution for Shopify. We’re here to help you with this.

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I'm using Currency Converter  It will automatically find your customer's location and show the corresponding currency. Also, it shows both the original price and the converted price as the customer's request.