What is this App? - Upsell App Recommendation for Drawer Carts

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I'm hoping someone in the community can help me out...

I'm working on a new shopify site and am trying to replicate the functionality and clean design of the upsell app from Maison de Sabre.  


Basically, they have a super clean cart (drawer) and an option to 'add other products' with a simple accordion style dropdown.  Non-invasive, simple, matches the site styles.


Does anyone know what plugin they might use?  Or a plugin that does something similar?  I've tried about 5 so far and have not found anything close. 


Attaching screenshots...



(screenshot 1 - cart drawer with an expandable 'add matching items')




(screenshot 2 - expanded accordion, see matching items)Window_and_Personalized_Leather_Accessories___Make_your_Mark___MAISON_de_SABRE-3.jpg