What minimum functionality/apps do I need in Shopify with Booster theme?

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I am a new Shopify user and recently acquired your Booster theme.
Just basic experience recently acquired with the test shop.
I have been reading and seeing video's about Shopify, Booster theme and all kinds of functionalities and apps.
There is so much out there, with lots of repeating/shouting and affiliate talks, that it is not clear to me anymore what I really need as a minimum (next to Booster) nor what I really need to optimise my shop. There are things already in Shopify and in the Booster theme: I don't want to mess things up and kill its functionality or start paying for something that Booster already provides for.
Do you have suggestions for a newby Shopify and Booster theme user?
Perhaps there are some specific apps that add to the functionality of Booster or apps that provide matters that are not covered by Booster and that I do need (e.g. I need a newsletter app, I need some tool to send SMS and use Facebook messenger, ...). I am looking for free apps right now and can scale up when my shop really works.
Perhaps you have some video or blog suggestions? A referral to a check list that help me build my store? A forum where the Booster theme and such matters is discussed amongst users?
Any advice is more than welcome.