What would be the best help desk solution for an e-commerce site?

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Hey, It has been quite a while since I visited this community. I had an active account here, but somewhere I lost my credentials and dropped my contacts with this board.
It has been 6 months since I started to work on an e-commerce site for my boutique. It is almost done, and from the last month, it has started to work fully. As we began to get a good response from the customers, we are working on upgrading its quality of service a little more.
As part of ensuring the best customer experience, we are planning to purchase a budget yet best customer support app. So far we have got too many references from our circle. As we use Microsoft Sharepoint for document suggestion the majority suggested us to go for any Sharepoint customer support app.
In that way, I researched and found a product that fits my budget, which is Dock365!
I would like to know the thoughts of this board's veterans on this, also I would love to get recommended to more applications.
Many thanks.

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Hi, Hazel! My name's Fritz. I haven't used Dock365 personally, but as someone who builds apps for a living, it sounds like you might be planning to use a sledgehammer to push in a thumbtack.

Dock365 does a lot of interesting and sometimes useful things, with customer support being a small piece.

If you're considering paying $3600/year (Dock365's pricing, according to Capterra.com) for an app to handle customer service tickets, you might consider having one built! You'd get it just the way you want it and if you ever needed support or changes made to the app, help would only be a call away! I don't know what the rules on self-promotion are on this forum, but I'd be happy to chat about what your needs are.

I'm a professional software developer, and I'm always on the hunt for apps people need. On top of being purpose-built, my app would be a lot cheaper than $3,600 a year, too!



There are plenty of choices for helpdesk solutions like Intercom, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zoho, etc. I personally used Helpscout for my app. There are also many apps available on the AppStore. Personally, I like Helpscout since it's integrated with live chat and beacon. Of course, the price is cheap 

If you like sharepoint, you can go for it. Handy software is always good. 

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