Which App good for product customize?

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We are selling art and customized print photos. Don't know which app will fit the customized print. If anyone knows that, please let me know. Thanks All.


Here's a few that I've looked at in the App Store

- https://apps.shopify.com/customization-tool
Some shops very good results. Some not so much. But good to know that good results are possible. Very high monthly costs. A little wonky bug in Safari on iPad.

Made with:

- https://apps.shopify.com/product-personalizer
This one seems to be simple and also has image uploader. Actually has more reviews than the other one. Cheaper monthly costs.

- https://apps.shopify.com/zakeke-interactive-product-designer

Comes with 3D surround render. This is interesting. Good price. Sleek.
Some warnings in mobile.

- https://apps.shopify.com/productsdesigner
Quite extensive customise tool. Maybe even too complicated. Flat design and preview. High monthly costs.

Made with:

- https://apps.shopify.com/mycustomizer-1
Sleek and simple system. Not even customisable after logo upload. Maybe that’s actually an advantage. Automatic price adjusting too.

- https://apps.shopify.com/customify
Simple and easy to use. The logo picking mechanism is different from others.