Which app if any is this site using to cross-sell watch straps

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I am after the app name if one is used, that this website is using on there product page to cross-sell watch straps.


As you can see from the attached  image, they have this section./ I am sure it can be found by looking at the source code, I just dont know myself where to look Thankyou

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 9.22.13 pm.png


Hi there,

The code itself is not branded then it's not easy to detect if it's using an app or just theme code. 

If you still keen on an upsell/cross-sell app then I suggest trying LimeSpot Personalizer, or Wiser Product recommendation - these app help you set up cross sell widgets (custom or auto); you can drag and drop those cross sell widgets within your page by using page builder like PageFly.

Hope you find this help full.

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App Selly can help you to cross-sell too:


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You can use BuiltWith to find what apps are being used by certain websites/stores.


Aside from that, I would recommend that you try our apps for Upsell and Bundling solutions: Simile.

They work great for cross-sell as well.

If you need a more custom solution be sure to reach out to our devs and they would be happy to create one for you!


Hope this helps!