Which app should I use to increase my sales?

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Which app should I use to increase my sales? 

This is a question we all ask ourselves when building a site. Most of time it is best to have not too many apps on your store, because managing each of them is quite time-consuming. However, you cannot get away with one app only as well. Therefore, we have created apps that have multiple functions within or cover a very crucial aspect of your site. Take a look here https://blog.growave.io/best-apps-for-your-shopify-store-to-increase-sales-in-2020/

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that has
- Visual Reviews with automated emails
- Loyalty&Rewards
- Wishlist
- Instagram
- Social Sharing + more 

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You translate to different languages to reach international markets - https://apps.shopify.com/mokool-translate-pro

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