Which app to use for vendors to see their orders?

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We're working on a new store that stocks craft goods from lots of individual makers and craftspeople. Each craftsperson is listed as a vendor in Shopify.

When an order comes in, we know how to get Shopify to send the individual vendor an email with the order details using notifications.

But we want some way for the vendors to login and see their orders - to see what needs to be fulfilled for example. Do you know an app that can do this?

We've looked at Bold Apps Marketplace, which gives Vendors a login portal - but it comes with a load of other junk we don't need (like commission, add/edit products and so on)

Any help would be appreciated. It doesn't have to be an app - just a way for Vendors to see their orders history

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Hey Dan!

Koreen here from the Guru team at Shopify! Thanks for reaching out! :)

Glad to see you had a look through our app store, but I can totally understand why you wouldn't want an app that has excess functions to what you need for your business.

I've taken a further look into this for you and do have a couple of options :)

One involves using an app called Multivendor Marketplace: https://goo.gl/eSfA5r 

This app allows your vendors to have their own profile, log in and collection page. There are different plan tiers with the app which vary according to your preferences and requirements- which I think may suit you better. :)

Another potential option can be done without the use of an app. This would involve creating multiple staff accounts for each vendor (though this would vary depending on your preferred plan) and edit the permissions of each member. I have included more info on staff accounts per plan and on setting up staff accounts below:

Creating staff accounts: https://goo.gl/hC9Rp6

Number of staff accounts per plan: https://goo.gl/9n4nyv

I hope this helps!


Koreen :)


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Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately the apps come with stuff we don't want... we only want an orders viewer.

And with regards to staff accounts, we have over a hundred suppliers and we dont want them to be able to see each others orders.

I wonder, as we are talking about suppliers - will any of the dropship apps do this?

We want the vendors to be able to view their orders in a portal. We don't want to give the vendors access to the whole store, just a simple login area. They log in, and can see all of their orders (individual items) that need to be fulfilled. Perhaps a dropship or supplier app?

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Hi Dan,


did you ever find a solution for this problem?





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I founded PuppetVendors and it might be what you are looking for. You can check it out here.



Happy to work with you to tailor the app to your needs. Feel free to reach out directly at kriang@puppetvendors.com and I will be more than happy to answer questions you may have.