Which apps and I actually using?

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I am NOT techie and trying to update my site after having set it up myself about a year ago. I have all sorts of apps apparently doing different things but can't figure out which ones are doing what. One app I downloaded for the loyalty program but the marketing campaigns were lacking on the free plan. So I downloaded another app for marketing, another for pop-ups, etc. Now I am making changes to my welcome email to personalize it to all the new traffic I'm getting but the changes aren't being sent. Apparently the email is being sent from a different app than I thought. It's a mess!! Any suggestions for how to go about cleaning up how my site works? I'm sure paying for one app would make it smoother, I'm just not sure which one. I am having sales for the first time in 3 months so free apps have been a necessity. At this point I'd consider a "one app fits all" option to save me time. 

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There's no quick fix managing a businesses tools, it's incumbent upon merchants to make documentation.

Use a spreadsheet and keep track of apps, prices, reason for use , install date, etc etc.

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