Wholesale Apparel Blank Ordering App?

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I'm looking for an app that orders all of my blank apparel I need for the week (Gildan, Bella+Canvas, Comfort Colors, etc.) through a wholesaler. Right now, I order all of my blanks through Blankstyle.com on Sundays, because we print and fulfill everything ourselves in a made-to-order fashion. 

Ideally I could set it up where I associate a blank with one of my products. Example:

X Tee uses Gildan Softstyle - Black

I would like for the app to sync with my orders so that the blanks are added to my cart, so that on Sundays I can approve them and order all of them. My store is selling more and more, and it's becoming more of a pain to sort through orders and order the appropriate blanks. 

I'm also open to any other sort of solution to this! Any info in streamlining the process would help tremendously.


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Getting orders from Shopify is easy but it doesn't look like the site you posted (blankstyle.com) has an easy way to connect to it with any kind of software/app (it doesn't have an API).

It could be a challenge to order thought it with an app because the app would have to connect to it via the browser - it is possible but it's just not very easy.

You can ask on the FB groups with developers - I think there are few guys cable of preparing an app like that

- Shopify App Developers - https://www.facebook.com/groups/shopifyappdevelopers/

- Shopify Design & Development - https://www.facebook.com/groups/shopifydesignanddevelopment/

My company makes apps but we currently are not looking for any additional projects, but if you have any questions I might help

Good luck!




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Did you find a solution for this?