Wholesale Club & Locksmith in Shopify Store

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Hi all, I'm in a bit of a predicament at the moment, we had a site built and the web people were sent on their merry way, although I don't think they actually completed what we wanted. 


We have a wholesale site with a range of products. Those products are duplicated for different countries and feature translations and in some cases, different ingredients. 


So we have for example 

Apple Ice -UK

Apple Ice- France

Apple Ice- Germany


The way I envisaged the site working is: a customer requests a wholesale account, we set up the customer in the back end and tag them with the relative elements from both Locksmith and WHolesale Club i.e. MR X from France would have the tags: FRANCE, T1 (T1 is a pricing tier from Wholesale Club). MR X Would then log into his account and ONLY see the products for France. He could click into those products and add to cart product by product- or he could click onto the Quick order sheet that would show all of his product options in 1 area and he can easily add to cart. 



What is actually happening, (and I've created myself a test account and tagged it with UK and a pricing tier) is that I'm logging in,  seeing all products for all countries, trying to click into the UK products and being told I do not have permission to view them, but I can access the quick order form!


Both Apps have had a look and said everything looks set up ok...but something mustn't be right somewhere!!!

Any help much appreciated!