Why does every app cost an arm and a leg?

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I think it's a bit ridiculous that every app that would be useful to me cost so much money. Especially when you'd think that some of these would be automatically integrated with Shopify. I've read through these threads. And looked everywhere online. Is there a free app that I can use to upload a suppliers catalog to my store that I can upload more than 10 products at a time?


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Hi @Headstopshop 


Some Apps are overpriced. Sometimes it is cheaper to hire a programmer to develop the functionalities of an app that you are looking for. I suggest fiverr.com, Storetasker or Shopify Experts (They're pretty awesome and not that expensive). Many times I've found out that it was cheaper to get it done this say then simply paying on a monthly basis for an app. 


Hope this help. Regarding the App you're looking for, from what I know, no BUT always, always chat with a Guru, they are aware of pretty much all apps. They are the best people to reach for such questions.






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@Headstopshop wrote:
every app that would be useful to me cost so much money. 

You want your business to be profitable why can't others. The metric is simple does the app cost less than the it helps generate, if so just use the app and focus on creating more value.


For bulk uploading products use the CSV import, make images available online as urls using a public folder on google drive,dropbox,etc


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Apps are not really easy to make, quality apps need good hosting, database and ton of other apps/services, let along the cost of development, maintenance, customer support and many spending areas (like 20% Shopify cut). Of course there are overpriced apps, but not everything is

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I would say that Shopify APPs are really affordable, some in a range of 10 - 30$ per month for basic plans.

You can even multiply this by one or two years duration and you would still not be able to match the cost of a custom implementation.

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