Why does the Facebook app/sales channel suck so bad?

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I'm aghast at just the sheer number of problems I've had with this. I currently have 6 empty product catalogs on facebook that were all created by shopify when I was disconnecting and reconnecting my page trying to get things to show up. Thanks to Tuck Wai Leong's post in this thread I was finally able to actually get my products to show up for one of the catalogs. But I still can't delete any of the old empty ones because they "belong to the business Shopify." What is going on here?

Edit: I realize most of the issues related to this app have to do with things not synching correctly or in a timely manner, and I think its fair to say that is Facebook's problem. Still, Shopify should be making more of an effort to address these concerns with facebook and keep their loyal paying customers updated as to any progress. 

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The Facebook app is a mess. PERIOD.

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