Why is cookie consent (per GDPR) not core Shopify functionality?

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I took the time to compare several third-party apps. I only found one that tracks consent and offers the ability to disable scripts. They claim to be Customer Privacy API compliant.

GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management 

But according to Cookiebot, we are still not compliant.

What I can gather from Shopify's own app, based on the reviews, is that it still has some issues to work out. But I am very glad they are working on a native solution.

I also just discovered the Customer Privacy options under Online Store > Preferences.

I’ve set up the one provided by Shopify and it seems to be working correctly. There is a problem with not being able to change the title of the Privacy Policy link.

The app mentioned above: GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management does not prevent Google Analytics and Facebook JavaScript code from being downloaded before the consent is given so that’s not gonna fly for me.

Now there’s another app that claims to be using the Customer Privacy API


But their example store does not have google analytics or facebook pixel set up at all so I cannot confirm it is working as expected.

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Do you have more info on this? I´m considering trying the GDPR/CCPA+Cookie Management and they say they do block google and facebook. Did you have managed to try it? Regarding other aspects they seen to be quite compliant (granular consent, ability to change consent, consent log etc).


Any feedback would be appreciated,