Why is it prohibited to ask for Shopify URL?

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In our web application, when the user wants to link a Shopify store with our platform, we ask for the Shopify URL and perform Oauth request as described in Shopify authentication procedure. 

However, we got following feedback from the approval team:

When encouraging a merchant to install additional apps or connect the app to another store, apps must use the standard install process initiated from the app listing. You can't request a merchant's .myshopify.com URL. See this screenshot for additional details. All store information must be acquired through OAuth.

Is this a new regulation? Almost every other app that we have seen asks for Shopify URL during the integration process.

Are we supposed to just provide a link to our Shopify app listing instead of asking for the store URL? Our app is not even published yet, so we don't have a link as of now. What do we do?