Wishlist Apps - do they all use Cookies to function?

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Hi - would like to add a wishlist function to our shopify store - www.beadstampede.co.uk - as this would be a useful facility for customers to use.

From a quick review of the various Shopify "Wishlist" apps some specify that they use a cookie (expiring after 90 days?) to provide this services, others do not specify how they work at all (but presumably may also use cookies?).

As some people do not like cookies, or the cookie may get deleted/cleared out, is there a Shopify wishlist app which does not use cookies, or is more persistent than 90 days?


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Hey Frank

I can confirm that Smart Wishlist uses Cookies to function but the cookies get expired only after 365 days, which is a reasonable period of time.

Yes, few people have problem with Cookies, but you cannot work without cookies if you are on Shopify. For e.g. the Shopify Shopping Cart uses Cookies to store data.  If you view cookies (under Resources section of Developer Tools of Google Chrome), you will find lots of them on every Shopify Stores, even if you havenot installed a single 3rd patrty app.


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Yes most Wishlist apps use Cookies to temporarily save wishlists for guests. Most of them save >=90 days. The app Wishlist Stellar also do that but wishlists of the authenticated users are saved on the server and it's permanent.