Zapiet Store Pick up and Delivery - how to move order from a delated location

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Ive made a very silly error and delated one of my pick up locations in Zapiet, I have around 500 unfulfilled orders in this location that I need to move to another location.

Because I have delated the location the orders are sat in when I go to edit it doesn't bring up any options. 

Can anyone tell me if I can get my delated location back? 

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Hello Tanya, 

It is, unfortunately, not possible to retrieve a deleted location. You'll need to recreate manually.

Once it's done, please go to your Shopify orders, click on the "More actions" drop down menu and find our Store Pickup + Delivery app option. It will open a window where you'll be able to change our attributes and relocate the orders to another location, or to link them again to the location you have recreated. 

If you have questions or need help, contact us at or through our online chat. Our agents will be happy to assist you