Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery: How to have store displayed on Product Description

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I'm testing out Zapiet Store Pickup + Delivery on my test site: before launching it on my real store, assuming I can fix one thing:

I want the Product Description Page to show which location(s) the product is available from. Is this possible? I've had a good look through the code files, and can't find a nice bit of liquid code to add to the product-description.liquid file (I assume that's where it should go?)


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I've given up on Zapiet's help ticketing system - I have a question on there that's over a week old and still hasn't been looked at, so am hoping I might get some response here instead. If anyone knows of another app that does something similar (I need to set specific products available for pickup at specific locations) then please let me know. The lack of support from Zapiet makes me reluctant to use them for my clients' live store.


Many thanks,