add multiple product to cart with one button?

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Is there a way to  add multiple products (or a collection) to cart with one button on a blog page?


the buy button is quite close but it requires user to add one by one instead of one button that adds all products.


all the bundle apps don't work either as most are for discount purpose or upsell.


You could try using the order form example to do it. Here is a link to example code:


Basically you're using "updates" input as the quantity field. If the variant doesn't exist in the cart, it will add it with the quantity in the input. Just beware that if the variant is in the cart, it will set the quantity to the input value.

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Hey @ave ,


Our PickyStory app can help you there. We enable you to create looks (bundles) and link your products to them quickly. Your shoppers will be able to shop complete looks instead of just purchasing individual items. We offer multiple widgets to display on your website (no coding required). Also, soon we should release a discount feature, so if a shopper added more than one product from the same look, he would get an automatic discount.


Feel free to check PickyStory app -


Or contact us through and we'd be happy to help you :)

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You can cross-sell and use button Add all to cart

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See here is 1 of example we've made to add multiple products to cart with buy button:


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

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Hi @ave 

Did you find any suitable app that meets your requirements yet? If not, I think you should try Bulk  Add to Cart app. Bulk Add To Cart creates an interesting shopping experience for your customers by allowing them to purchase many products and aims at setting up positive online shopping. Besides adding multiple products, your customers can include the cart with just a click. At the same time, they can add the number of each product as well as click Add to Cart button at the bottom or at the top of your product lists. As you can see, Bulk Add To Cart has many available setting selections in the App admin. You can easily install or uninstall the app without having any trouble. In addition, no coding skill is required and you can simply assign Multiple Addtocart temples to your different collection from the Admin store. Here are some highlight features of the app:

  • Promote shopping experience
  • Avoid browsing through product pages separately
  • Opt for many setting selections
  • Include many products to a cart
  • Allow inserting quantities for each product in product list view

To get the app, you can click this link

Hope it helps!


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The app Gifter: Auto Add to Cart could be used for your purposes. I would define a rule that adds the products you want to the customer's cart when a certain other product is added (which can just have the title of your collection or whatever you choose). That way, you'll get all those products into the customer's cart on one button click.

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I have done a post in the Past for this.  The term for this Is "Pre-filled cart" or "Permalinks"

The Documentation can be found here:


Example of its use can be seen on my hastily whipped together Demo page here where I built it into Sections:




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Hi, I just used this for my shop (adding multiple products with one link) to sell our combos.

if a customer returns to my shop page and ads another size or another combo, the link doesn't add another product, if the product is already placed in the cart. Guess it is because it just updates the cart with the numbers provided.

Would it be possible to use this kind of link to add another of the same product?


But, from time to time a customer wants to buy 2 or 3 of my main product. If they go back to the shop page, and ad another main product, it will just overwrite the already added item. How can I avoid this? Is there a "add (another) one" instead of "update cart number to one"

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@madeofsteel This would get a little more complicated.  Add.js only adds whats there, to change or update you would need to use change.js, which if im not mistaken can not add any products at all, only change whats already there.


So you would need a developer to dig into it more, Adding an IF Statement to check if the product is already in the cart.  If it is, then use Change.js, otherwise use add.js.


add.js should work fine if they are adding different sizes, since it uses variant ID.