adding logos to product pictures

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I have an apparel site and am looking for an app or the ability to upload or drop logos on top of the product pictures already on my site. I experimented with a few apps that allow you to add a watermark, sticker, and logo but I am limited on the ability to move the new uploaded logo around. 

My goal is to create my products one time and upload blank product pictures. For example, a Navy blue t-shirt i would upload a picture of a blank navy t-shirt with no designs on it. As i offer different designs for that particular shirt it would be nice to simply copy the product then only have to upload/add the logo to the existing product picture. 

If anyone is familiar with OrderMyGear they off a tool for this. they have a catalog of all the apparel products preloaded on the site with blank product pictures. when i create a new store all i have to do is drop the logo i want to print on the shirt on top of each image.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!