blog app or html codes to add to existing theme

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HI everyone,


I am using Debut them and my blog back end need more feature buttons. It is driving me crazy to try to post a blog which looks nice and neat. I have to add manual code to add a space between image and text, if I touch something on the top of the text everything shifts, I really need a nice easy way to post, back button, space, tab, similar to a Word document type, I really need the text stay in line with all text if  I put next to an image (usually is starts going under the image if this is longer and next shorter stays next to image. Such a mess!! 


See how little button options I have below, this even look ok but I struggled 1.5 hours and gave up.

blog back end.png


Ideally, I would prefer coding instead of a monthly app, please. Any suggestion on how to solve it?

I would do look into a free trial for an app in the worst case.


thank you so much