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Does someone have a suggestion, how can we set up this.

We want to install two levels of a funnel plus a bundle. Means:

Level 1:

Customer has the choice between product A, B and C (Dress, Unitard, Set). 

Level 2:

Depending on the choice (Level 1) customer should now select between different variants/style 1,2,3 ( blue theme, red theme, etc ) for product A,B or C.


After choosing a product and a variant we want to offer other products D,E,F (Glove, Headband, etc) in a bundle with product and its variant (A1, A2, A3). The Result should be A1+D or A2+D or A3+F and so on. 

We tried creating a product with 3variants and a simple bundle. The issue is, that we would have approx 300+ variants for one product. Our Shopify theme (debut) functionality is limited to 100 variants.

Thank you for any guidance or any further idea.