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I am preparing to launch jewelry DtoC.
I am searching currency & language/translate apps,
However,I don’t understand which should I chose because
I don’t have experience of running EC.
Does anyone have nice recommendation and tips?
Those are my situation.
※doesn't necessary one app has both functions.
I can download two apps.
【info for language/translate apps】
- Base language of this web page is English.
※I built in Japanese first, then translate to English all of part.(sometimes opposite way)
I want to built web page English too, for expand target.
I’ll hire translator, translate to English for page like blog, legal etc.
→It is nice to have useful UIUX or function for those.
- Automatically translate function is not necessary, but if it is good quality, would be great.
→should I use automatically translate function? is it easier to run the page?
- If apps has automatically translate function, I need function of designate to stop translate.
Because some of part want to translate by translator.
【info for currency apps】
- Ship all over the world, from Japan.
- I use this theme, it has Sticky navigation
- I prefer I can put currency  button on the navigation or footer
- If I can change price depends where to ship, good.
Example:even if the page is in English, ship to Japan is bit expensive than US, even if it is same currency, US Dollar.

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Hi, @bam


You can now sell in multiple languages on the platform by using a compatible third party app! This allows you to add up to five different languages to your storefront and have your customer automatically rerouted to their preferred language. The entire process is laid out step by step here. 


Your ability to sell in multiple currencies will depend on your payment gateway. If you're using Shopify Payments, then you can follow the instructions laid out here to set that up. If you're using a third party gateway, you should be able to show your customers their currency via a drop down by using an app such as BEST Currency Converter, however once they reached the checkout it will revert back to your store's main currency. 


Let me know if you have any questions about that! 





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I think for this you need a translation better than through the application. Some phrases will need to be translated intuitively.

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Just wanted to let you know that GTranslate suits your requirements as a translation app perfectly.


It provides automatic translations by default, but if you don't like any part, word or sentence, you can edit the translation manually.


Also, you can define some pages or elements to be skipped from translating completely.

You can choose to turn off the automatic translation as well, so no new content will be translated until you do it manually. It's quite flexible.


Other benefits of the app include SEO visibility, rich functionalitym and a professional customer support team, ready to assist with any question you face on your journey.


One more addition, we also provide Professional Human Translations.


Feel free to give us a shot. If you have questions or want more info you can always contact our livechat support at

Hello, there are a few options for this.


If you are starting out and want something simpler, then Shopify can offer a few languages.

If you want something you can customize and more languages (over 100 by Google Translator), try -

Download our Translate & Currency Converter Pro - Translate & Currency Converter

I recommend you to choose the translation APP that works with Shopify store language.

ETranslate is a good choice.

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Hi @bam,

I highly recommend Currency Converter Box, with outstanding features: 

  • Convert 164 currencies - Auto currency switcher based on the location
  • Live rates from ipgeolocation
  • Remembers user’s currency selection
  • Auto switch by customer location
  • Rate refresh every 3 hours
  • Automatically find out the customer location
  • Fast and accurate price conversion

And even more.

Here is the link of the app:


Hey I guess Translate & Currency LangShop app will be the best solution for you! Because with this application you get not only the ability to automatically translate content with subsequent editing, but also the ability to add as many currencies as you need. Your visitors can switch currency and language using a switcher, or there is an option to set up auto-detection! If you have any questions, just let me know!

Update to Translate Pro, now can do both translation and currency with Translate & Currency Converter Pro - You can unlimited translation and currency converter on unlimited languages and currencies -  We also offer a free plan to help newer stores.

Download our Translate & Currency Converter Pro - Translate & Currency Converter
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Hi Bam,

When it comes to a currency converter app, I highly suggest taking a look at ELITE Currency Converter.

It is a relatively new app which provides all the basic features you'd expect from a currency converter, and more. These features include:

  • Local currency detection - detects users location to automatically switch currency
  • Up to 168 currencies - support for 168 currencies including a few crypto currencies
  • Search & region grouping - support for currency searching and grouping by region (Asia, America, Europe, etc.)
  • Light & dark theme - design options including a light and dark theme
  • Price tooltips - to reveal the store's original price before converting on mouse hover
  • High quality flags - country flags are in SVG format providing high quality icons

It comes with a 14 day free trial. There is currently no free plan, but with the features and quality of the app, you really get what you pay for.