customer creating custom message when shipping product as a gift

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Hey everyone,


I'm looking for an app to integrate on my site so that the customers can create a message to the recipient - when shipping the product as a gift. 


All ideas appreciated,


Thanks :)



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Hey, @Fayg!


Lulu here from the Shopify Support team. Thanks for reaching out here, and I'll be more than happy to help you out.


That is a lovely idea and it will be super popular too as people love to add gift messages. I found this app which will help you achieve exactly what you are looking for. This app has been designed to plug into your Shopify store and give you the tools that you need to make gifting easy for your customers. From gift messages to giving your customers the ability to ship items to multiple locations from a single checkout. It also has a 7-day free trial so you can try it out before committing to it. 


Another way I was thinking you could try is using cart notes. This would put a box on the cart page and you could have something like "gift message to your recipient' as the title and they could fill it that box if it was applicable. We have a guide in our help centre on this here, have a look and let me know what you think.


Separate to your query, I just wanted to say that we're always here to chat with you about how things work on Shopify or any technical aspects you might need assistance with — but you can also ask us all sorts of things. If you want our opinion about your business plan or site layout, even with marketing and growth aspects you're curious about, then be sure to reach out. Almost anything you have questions about when it comes to eCommerce, I've likely at least seen others touch on before and will be glad to help you too! 


Kind regards,


Lulu | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thank you so much for your helpful reply! Exactly what I was looking for!
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The advice you gave me is very much appreciated!


I have another question related to this topic. 

What if I'd like to provide my customers with a choice of say 2 or 3 different gift cards which they can choose from? 

And after they write the message, I'd like for it to display on the card - as a preview  - of what the recipient will receive. 

Any way of incorporating that?





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Hi Fay,


It's great that you want to offer a couple of gift card options to your customers where they can preview the message they'll like to send. Gift cards are a simple and easy solution for last-minute gift-buyers and adding a personal message make it a bit more emotional. Although, many people dislike buying gift cards because they consider it too impersonal. For this problem, I invite you to test our app, which allows you to sell any of your products as an e-gift, without the buyer having to choose sizes/color, nor shipping information. This information will be adjusted by the gift recipient. Also, the buyer could record a video message to make the whole experience very emotional .    

Carlos | Customer Success @