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Our website is only accessible for wholesale accounts, that means people needs a specific password to enter our website and create their personnal account. We are looking for a app or way to specifically know who's log in and when. To help grow our business and see if we have fake accounts to spy on our prices and products. Any advice ?

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Hey Dany, 

Why don't you just allow it for approved accounts? Ie they fill in a form, you allow them and then they can see the prices. We can easily handle this for you, just drop us an email at We can also implement a tool so you can see exactly what your customers are doing on the site at all times.


Jarvis @ Kaleido
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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, Dany!

Alex here from the Shopify support team.

This is a great question - currently, I'm not seeing any apps for this specifically, and while Shopify's Live View does reveal the general behaviours of your customers, it doesn't show whether or not they're logged into customer accounts at the time. I'll pass this along as a feature request to our developers to keep in mind for future changes! I personally think it would be a cool feature to see. 

The Lucky Orange app tracks customer behaviours more in-depth, in a similar fashion to Live View - however, I tested it and am not seeing the ability to track by customer account within this app either. 

While I'm afraid none of these options offer exactly what you've mentioned, to maintain an understanding of how your customers are interacting with your store and track their behaviour as accurately as possible, I'd definitely recommend using Google Analytics. You can see a good walk-through for this here

I hope this helps! Feel free to follow up here with any other questions. 

Alex | Shopify Support