eBay Australia - What are people using???

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We are trying to integrate out pre-existing ebay store with Shopify but having nothing but dramas.

Our ebay store is connected to our shopify store which is then linked to our invoicing/warehouse software (Unleashed & Xero)

Shopify to Unleashed works fine but out issues are with eBay. No matter what we use we seem to have dramas, especially with Tax. We have used two of the recommended venues for using eBay & Shopify together but both have problems. We can't be the only ones with these dramas.


Works fine from eBay to Shopify but when the order then gets pushed into Unleashed it comes through with tax completely messed up. Freight comes through with no tax but correct cost, regardless of national or international type order.

International orders come through with GST being shown on the invoice, no tax should be charged on international orders.

eBAY Sales Channel (within Shopify)

Doesn't even work from eBay to Shopify, no tax but correct prices this then obviously pushes through incorrectly into our other systems.

Let's not even mention the fact that the two times I have tried this no orders get pushed through until I email them to say there is nothing being pushed through. They then manually refresh the connect which then sends through duplicate orders of already fulfilled orders into ALL our systems which then takes me forever to clear 丹


Our combined orders from our eBay, Shopify and other avenues are close to 600 orders so put our ebay orders manually into our invoicing software (our ebay orders alone are 100+) is just not an option.  What are other people with Australian based stores doing? This shouldn't be this hard?!?