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I recently deleted all my old eBay listings for products redid them all in Shopify and exported them. I noticed I had no watchers and no sales which was unusual so attempted to change titles in eBay seller hub as many variations but it said I had to do it through Shopify. 

I edited on Shopify but how do I now update this in eBay??? It says no listings available on eBay?? 

Kind of wish I hadn't bothered with this as it was only to use for fb shop and Instagram and can't connect those either 🤷


At my wit's end.



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Hi @Kelly24 ,

To update any details directly from your Shopify store with eBay marketplace, you will be needed a 3rd party integration app as you are unable to update the details directly from your eBay seller account. 

From an integration app, you can edit all the required details which you want to update for the eBay marketplace (even choice is yours if you want to update them from Shopify or not) such as Title, description, Price or inventory, etc. 

The benefit, of using integration apps, is you only need to update or manage the products & orders details into a centralized place and the rest of things will be managed by integration apps.

The app will help you to upload products from Shopify to the eBay marketplace. They provide you the real-time syncing for inventory & price from Shopify to eBay marketplace. Whenever you will receive any order the app will automatically fetch from the eBay marketplace and will create them on Shopify. Later on, you can ship the orders from Shopify and the app will update those tracking details with eBay marketplace. 

Give it a try if still have some issues, you can mail me.

Hope you will find this useful.