finally available on Shopify -- live art preview (augmented reality)

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hi everyone,


i'm Ryan, from the team behind Fomo (, Cross Sell (, and a few other apps.


today we're excited to share our new app, Picture It, which solves a problem many of you asked about dating back to 2016!

0cf9c2249bdae5208a4f43e8c44a5b7d.jpgArt Preview on mobile browser


991ad369de31b61b4ad137ccf71a2793.jpgArt Preview on desktop browser

your shoppers are able to select default photos, upload their own, or enable "live mode" which instantly turns their live camera into an augmented reality experience. they can move their phone around and see the art being superimposed in real-time.


the Shopify App Team just approved us, and we're only charging $5 /month (+30 days free trial) right now as we prefer feedback over revenue. in the next week or so we will increase the pricing, but all legacy users will keep the $5 /month rate forever as our small thank you.


check us out here:


looking forward to your feedback!


Ryan (@ryanckulp)

Ryan Kulp || Founder || Fomo (