free text shopping list from customers

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Hi at all.

as COVID is changing many rules also in e-commerce, we are studying a new workflow that can be adapted to this event.
in particular, we are trying to give customers the possibility to add a free text shopping list, without a product and without prices.
So together with normal products, some free text products but with specific fields:
Product | quantity

Do you know any way to achieve this?

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This is an interesting use case. You could potentially do this with Zapier and Twilio. 


1. Get a new number from Twilio

2. Connect Zapier and Twilio

3. If the customers sends you a list of products, just add it to Google Sheet or Airtable. 

4. If the customers start to use this feature you can add a two-way messaging with a message

to ask How many items etc; like a bot. But you can add this if they start using it as a v2.


If it is more complicated than what I suggest, please free to post more details and I am happy to help. 


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Hi @algianotti 


If you decide to go down the Airtable route take a look at our app that integrates Shopify and Airtable data