how to add delivery date, time , delivery rates and personal message to my florist store?

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I am building a shopify store for my physical florist business, I want the following functionalities , please suggest appropriate apps to me.

1. the customer should be able to choose delivery date and time

2. there should be a differential delivery fees based on the choice of delivery time. for example 9am to 6pm free delivery , 9am to 11 am $10.00 12pm to4 PM $10 etc.

3. the customer should be able to add a personalized greeting message along with the products ordered, this can be in the check out page. i want 2 text boxes in the checkout page one for personal message and one for any instructions.

thank you for your time and help.


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Hello Prabhakar, 


To add an option for the customers to select an delivery date you can use an app. Kindly refer :-

But this will not help you in adding an extra amount. So add that functionality manually by creating an drop-down and on selection of day add an amount to the cart. 

Also, by default Shopify does not allow to customize the checkout page. Only if you have Shopify plus account then only it's possible to customize the checkout page. 

I hope the above is helpful. You can DM me if you need any further assistance.


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Hi pallavi

Thanks for your quick response, I am considering the delivery date pro app, iam also considering locadelivery app and they are including this functionality of adding delivery fees based on time chosen in their next release.

Regarding the messages i am able to solve it by enabling order notes in the shopping cart page . i have considered using the GiftWrap App for this purpose, though it is good and offers additional functionality at this stage i want to go with a free solution