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I'm tying to test klarna, but Ikeep getting this message 

Orders blocked as Shopify alternative payment method is in test mode with production Klarna API credentials

Orders are not accepted when the Shopify payment method is in test mode with Klarna production API credentials. For purchases to be accepted, the Shopify admin should update either the Shopify payment method to uncheck test mode or use Klarna playground API credentials when the Shopify payment method is in test mode. the Shpify  isn't in test mode. I'm not sure what the issue is. 


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Hi @nicholehay ,

The Shopify Hosted Payment Page integration for Klarna Payments has 2 places where test mode can be configured: 1) in the configuration of each of the alternative payment method(s) in the Shopify admin (under Settings->Payment Providers) and 2) the configuration stored on the Klarna side configured in the Klarna Payments app in the Shopify admin (under Apps->Klarna Payments).   Please verify that test mode is not checked for any of these configurations if you are using live Klarna API credentials, and if any of the configuration settings have been changed, test with a clean browser session (e.g. a new incognito browser window).

If this doesn't help resolve the issue, Klarna merchant support would be happy to help, available via: klarna.com/merchant-support